Xylouris White – Goats


Xylouris White is a musical collaboration established in 2013, involving Greek singer and laouto player George Xylouris and Australian drummer Jim White, best known for his work with Dirty Three. The duo’s music has been described as combining “free-jazz, avant-rock and ages-old Greek folk traditions.” The two musicians first met in Melbourne in 1990, when Xylouris was touring with his father and became friends. They began recording and performing regularly in public together in New York City in late 2013. Goats is their debut album, released in 2014 and produced by Guy Picciotto from Fugazi. According to Pitchfork “the album moves between Indian, Eastern European, African, Middle Eastern, Western, and Mediterranean modes. There is jazz and punk here along with dashes of bluegrass, klezmer, and folk and yet it’s all conveyed seamlessly.”

Track List

A1 – Pulling The Bricks – 2:04
A2 – Old School Sousta – 3:43
A3 – Psarandonis Syrto – 4:38
A4 – The Bells – 2:54
A5 – Wind – 4:28
B1 – Suburb – 6:23
B2 – Chicken Song – 3:32
B3 – Fandomas – 4:17
B4 – Run And La – 3:09

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