Wovenhand – Refractory Obdurate


Wovenhand is an alternative country band from Denver, Colorado led by former 16 Horsepower frontman David Eugene Edwards. Wovenhand’s music combines influences from Southern Gothic music, old-time music, folk music, gospel music, and rock and roll, among other genres and styles of music. The band began in 2001 as a solo project for Edwards while 16 Horsepower was taking a temporary hiatus. Refractory Obdurate is their seventh studio album, released on April 29, 2014. The album is heavier than previous releases, showing Edward’s post-punk and metal influences.

Track List

“Corsicana Clip” – 4:47
“Masonic Youth” – 3:39
“The Refractory” – 4:53
“Good Shepherd” – 4:00
“Salome” – 5:19
“King David” – 4:47
“Field of Hedon” – 3:33
“Obdurate Obscura” (Edwards, Chuck French) – 5:20
“Hiss” – 3:53
“El-Bow” (Edwards, French, Ordy Garrison, Neil Keener) – 2:42

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