Thou – Rhea Sylvia (EP)


Thou is an American sludge metal band formed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2005. Thou’s style has been labeled as “experimental doom”, stoner metal and sludge metal, with lyrics often espousing anarchist views. They have taken a DIY approach to touring which has become a defining characteristic of the band and its aesthetic. They have also covered artists from various rock music genres, including Nine Inch Nails’ “Terrible Lie” (with The Body), and Nirvana songs “Something in the Way”, “Sifting”, and “Aneurysm”. Rhea Sylvia is an extended play (EP) released on July 27, 2018 through the independent hardcore punk label Deathwish Inc. The songs on Rhea Sylvia are Thou versions of band member Matthew Thudium’s solo material. The EP’s musical style is a mix of the band’s signature punk/metal sound and grunge artists such as Alice in Chains.

Label: Deathwish Inc.
Cat. # DW203

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