The Sonics – Here Are The Sonics


The Sonics are an American garage rock band from Tacoma, Washington that formed in 1960. Their aggressive, hard-edged sound has been a major influence on punk and garage music worldwide, and they have been named as inspirations to the White Stripes and other musical artists. The Sonics are often-cited contenders for the title of “the first punk band,” due to their wild and ground-breaking style. The band also have a marked influence on American punk bands such as the Cramps and the Dead Boys in their brash, menacing style and attitude, and on 1980s grunge bands (who originated in the same area), especially Mudhoney, who adopted some of the darker themes from Sonics music, and a lot of their techniques on over-driving and distorting electric guitars. Here Are The Sonics is their debut album, released in March 1965. The album features the original songs “The Witch” (a minor regional hit), “Psycho”, “Boss Hoss” and “Strychnine”, along with an assortment of rock and roll and R&B covers. Along with Boom, the album was very influential on later punk rock music due to its raw energy.

Label: Big Beat Records
Cat. # HIQLP 065

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