The Man & His Failures – Chapter One: MMXX & More


πšƒπš‘πšŽ π™ΌπšŠπš— & π™·πš’πšœ π™΅πšŠπš’πš•πšžπš›πšŽπšœ – π™²π™·π™°π™Ώπšƒπ™΄πš 𝙾𝙽𝙴: π™Όπ™Όπš‡πš‡ & π™Όπ™Ύπšπ™΄

“CHAPTER ONE: MMXX & MORE” is a collection of songs and remixes from the previous EP’S and singles the bandΒ  realeased from 2018 to 2021 and for a very long time all of them were out of stock and unavailable on physical format.
Ξ€his release captures the first era of The Man & His Failures featuring many great artists and collaborations, such as Makis Papasimakopoulos, Loukas Savvidis, George Nikas, Eirini Argyri of Church of the Sea, Conjecture and more.

Β Β Β Β Β Β  Out now by Syd Records on a limited 180gram Vinyl of 50

Cat.# SYD2401