The Glass Beads – Time To Time


Ukrainian duo The Glass Beads bend back the hands of the clock with their timeless oeuvre, sorrowful yet sensual music, and bring up the importance of accepting the fate.

Musicians Mark Arshynnikov and Marina Rublevskaya are commandin, beautiful and able to transverse time and space with their haunting melodies and emotional vocals. Their unique sound is both strangely modern and familiar; a mystique cherry-picked from various periods of the 20th century with the weary sensibilities of wry hindsight. Touching piano, expressive vocals, emotional strings – The Glass Beads sculpt an imposing, sophisticated dreamscape.

Their new album called Time To Time, aptly named after a song written nearly a decade ago, weaves a common thread that intertwines the past, present, and future in a personal and universal way.

Cat.# FP034