The Batch – Wait ‘Til Tomorrow


This archival release by 60’s Ohio band, The Batch, offers up really solid, above average, moody psych with nice acid guitar leads and an understated, at times dreamy vocal style. As with other archival releases, the production is a bit rough and boomy in spots, but the quality of their material rises above it.

The Batch were definitely of the late 60’s underground scene. There is no pop to be found here. Nothing geared toward radio play and no covers, which makes the set a pretty interesting and entertaining listen for psych fans. It reminds me most of the archival releases of Crystal Syphon’s releases for both it’s quality and style. The archival release by Pisces, A Lovely Sight is also a point of reference more for the quality of material on offer than a shared sound.

Recommended and worth a listen for fans of obscure, underground 60’s psychedelic sounds.

Limited to 100 copies colored -orange- vinyl edition. 4-pages insert with lyrics/credits and pics + poster.

Cat.# ARLP 60-24F

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