Street Force – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Repeated Viewing


Repeated Viewing’s soundtrack to the “not totally sure if it’s real or not” film of the same name slinks out of your speakers as if Badalamenti and Goblin had made sweet regretful love one night and created a baby so dark and brooding, only the ‘Trv Synth Fr33ks’ would take it in and raise it like wolves. Following the story of one man’s revenge across 1982 New York, this is Death Wish if we lived in some kind of alternative universe where Lucio Fulci had directed it instead of Michael Winner. From Ballads to Disco to Minimal Synth, “Street Force” is a masterpiece of faux soundtrack bliss and definitely not to be missed. Art by Eric A Lee.

Street Force (1983) marked the directorial debut of Paulo Luggerizi Jr, son of the notorious Italian auteur Paulo Luggerizi. Shot in New York during the winter months of 1982 the film cashed in on the influx of ultra-violent vigilante and revenge movies seeping their way into the grindhouse cinema circuit. Little is known about the movie but reviews at the time of its release were less than favourable, deriding it as an excessively brutal, poorly made hamfest. The film was quickly consigned to the darkest corner of the distributor’s warehouse but the recently unearthed soundtrack by Repeated Viewing, featuring a down-on-his-luck Alessandro Cassini playing piano on the opening track, provides an audio document of the blood splattered sidewalks and alleyways depicted in the movie.”

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Label: Giallo Disco


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