Skinny Puppy – Bites


Skinny Puppy is a Canadian industrial music group formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1982. Initially envisioned as an experimental side project by cEvin Key (Kevin Crompton) while he was in the new wave band Images in Vogue, Skinny Puppy evolved into a full-time project with the addition of vocalist Nivek Ogre (Kevin Ogilvie). Despite little mainstream airplay, several Skinny Puppy releases have charted in North America and Europe, and their influence on industrial and electronic music is considerable. Widely considered originators of a unique sound and live performance style, Skinny Puppy are also known as pioneers of the industrial rock and electro-industrial genres. They were one of the earliest groups to help popularize industrial music, and their gloomy and androgynous aesthetic helped attract the attention of the goth scene, from which they were able to draw a larger female audience than any previous industrial group. Bites is their first full-length studio album, released in August 1985. Critics could identify influences from Depeche Mode, Human League, Cabaret Voltaire in the sound, nevertheless in 1999 Chart magazine listed Bites among the most influential Canadian albums of the 80s.

Label: Nettwerk
Cat. # 15ntwk

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