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Silver Apples were an American electronic rock group from New York, active between 1967 and 1970, before reforming in the mid-1990s. The duo were among the first to employ electronic music techniques outside of academia, applying them to 1960s rock and pop styles. The band’s pulsing rhythms and electronic melodies would predate several contemporary artists, including White Noise and Can, as well as later artists including Suicide, Stereolab, and Laika. AllMusic’s Jason Ankeny called them “a surreal, almost unprecedented duo” while Portishead‘s Geoff Barrow stated that “for people like us, they are the perfect band […] They should definitely be up there with the pioneers of electronic music.” Silver Apples is their debut studio album. Critic Adam Bunch wrote that “it reached far ahead of its time. It’s not surprising then, in a year when the airwaves were still dominated by Motown and the Beatles (whose experimentation was tame by comparison), that it failed to garner much of an audience. Even now, nearly forty years later, the record sounds fresh and unconventional – in 1968 there simply wasn’t anything else like it.”

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