Septic Flesh – Revolution DNA

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Septicflesh are a Greek death metal band from Athens, founded in 1990. Along with Rotting Christ, they are one of the most successful Greek bands abroad, with a unique heavy sound that evolves throughout their carreer. Revolution DNA occupies a unique space in the band’s history. Embracing melodic and atmospheric influences that got it filed in the gothic metal movement, the album ranks amongst Septic Flesh’s most avant-garde works to date. The heightened atmospherics, synthesized orchestration, and mesmerising clear vocals of Sotiris Vayenas affirmed the bold and adventurous creative direction the band had begun to follow with 1998’s ‘A Fallen Temple’. Adorned with brand new artwork and bonus tracks that were not included on the original edition, ‘Revolution DNA’ is also available on vinyl for the very first time.

2 x LP
Limited Edition of 400 Copies

Label: Season Of Mist
Cat. # SOM 289LP