Ruth Tafébé & The Afro Soul Messengerz – Tèrè Tè Sèguè


Ruth Tafébé is a musician born and raised in Côte d’Ivoire. She spent some time in Montpellier when she was 15, before moving to New York to record her first album with afrobeat musician Tony Allen. During her stay in NY she performed every weekend at the world famous Harlem “st Nicks” Jazz pub and at the Shrine. Tèrè Tè Sèguè is an album recorded with the band The Afro Soul Messengerz and released in 2018. The band includes Giotis Damianidis on guitar and vocals, Ael Gilain on bass, Augusto Pirodda on keyboards, Jacob Warmenbol on drums and Falk Schrauwen on percussions. Tony Allen plays the drums on four tracks as well.

Limited Edition
Label: Boloi Music
Cat. # 0637913292750

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