The Residents – Metal, Meat & Bone


The Residents are an American art collective best known for their avant-garde music and multimedia works. They were formed in 1969, and throughout their existence, the individual members have ostensibly attempted to work anonymously, preferring to have attention focused on their art. The Residents’ albums generally fall into two categories: deconstructions of Western popular music, and complex conceptual pieces composed around a theme, theory or plot. The group is noted for surrealistic lyrics and sound, with a disregard for conventional music composition. Metal, Meat & Bone – The Songs of Dyin’ Dog is an album released on July 10th 2020. It features interpretations of long-lost demo tracks by Alvin “Dyin’ Dog” Snow, an obscure Lousiana blues musician who was briefly associated with The Residents’ early collaborator Roland Sheehan in the mid 1970s.

2 x LP
Label: MVD Audio
Cat. # MVD3741LP

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