Prins Obi – The Grasshopper Lies Heavy


Prins Obi’s fourth long play is a quarantine/depression/one-man-band/home-made album, recorded during the two long Athenian lockdowns. Composed, produced, performed (with the exception of a few special guests) and engineered in its entirety by Obi himself (with Todd Rundgren and Stevie Wonder as inspiration), this new LP marks his entrance in the bedroom-musician universe and gives him the chance to experiment with new sounds and ideas. It’s the end of the civilization as we know it and the beginning of a new era… Prins Obi invites us to his personal playground and invents an alternate reality where you can taste the sounds, hear the colours and overcome your pain and obstacles through creativity and honesty. This is not a statement, just a shield. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is out on LP and Digital via Inner Ear.

Coloured LP + mp3
Label: Inner Ear Records
Cat. # INN215L


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