Planet Of Zeus – Faith In Physics


Planet of Zeus are a heavy rock band from Athens, Greece. Founded in 2000, they have secured a loyal and hardcore underground following for their raw, sincere and constantly evolving live performances. They have been touring extensively throughout their home country and Europe, supporting names such as Clutch and Kvelertak. Faith In Physics is their fourth album, released in 2019. 46 minutes of heavy, intellectual riffology and fat grooves, reminiscent of RATM’s best days, MC5-esque attitude and energy, coupled with QOTSA’s pop sensibilities. An album that flows like water and closes with Planet of Zeus’s signature psychedelic last track, that sounds like “the Doors” landing in 2019 Athens via teleportation.

Also available in: Planet Of Zeus – Faith In Physics (Limited Edition)

Ultra Limited Edition Colored Vinyl
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Cat. # HPS108