P. Thomas – Souvenirs Of A Past Life


Who is P. Thomas anyway? “Don’t ask a lot of questions, you don’t want to know…” But you have seen him. He is right beside you on the metro station, right there on the bar, behind you in line at the supermarket. He is everywhere. He made this town his own a long time ago. He left everything behind, all over the place, and he came to retell a new story.Vaggelis Makris introduces us to P. Thomas, a version of the human he never got to be, with his first album. Souvenirs Of A Past Life will be released this March and welcomes us to his world.The frustration, the pursuit of himself, all the memories and of course romance are the main themes that construct his world. The dirty Athenian sidewalks are intertwined with the neon lights of a New York that no longer exists and the boundaries are getting more and more blurry.P. Thomas leads his listeners in a seemingly innocent but ultimately nightmarish path where his only enemy is his own self and the versions of it. He precedes accompanied by his personal “Ghosts”, without much analysis, almost “Disjointedly”.The last ‘Νew Yorker’ prophet, warns us of what has already been done and reminds us that at the end of the day, no matter what you’ve been through, what matters is you that you hold on to what you really need next to you – that very part of you that makes you who you are today.So, whether you are in a very small room, or in a concert hall or maybe drinking on a big wooden bar, this album tells the same story. Eventually, P. Thomas will probably laugh because after all you took this very seriously and for once more, he will hide in the streets.

Colored Vinyl, Includes Download Code
Label: Inner Ear Records
Cat. # INN249L

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