Nightstalker – The Ritual (EP)


Nightstalker is a stoner metal band from Athens, Greece, even though the band itself rejects the term “stoner”. Formed in 1989 by the lead singer and drummer at the same time, Argy, Nightstalker have become popular in the underground rock scene as pioneers of the ‘heavy rock’ scene (later named as stoner rock) and have earned a cult following. Having a classic rock and metal background, and influenced by the grunge rock of the early 1990s, the band managed to combine the raw rock ‘n roll simplicity with heavy riffs and hazy, psychedelic tunes. The Ritual is an EP from 2000, containing four Nightstalker songs that were recorded during the summer of ’98 and ’99, plus a cover of Motorhead’s “Iron horse”. A twenty-seven minute long mixture of Psychedelia, Stoner and Punk. Mastered by the band themselves, this vinyl release will be accompanied by an album insert containing the lyrics to the songs. A brand new addition which can’t be found on the original CD version.

Label: Labyrinth Of Thoughts
Cat. # LOT016 / LAB013

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