Nick Drake – Pink Moon


Nick Drake was an English singer-songwriter and musician known for his acoustic guitar-based songs. He failed to find a wide audience during his lifetime, but his work has gradually achieved wider notice and recognition. Drake was obsessive about practising his guitar technique, and would stay up through the night writing and experimenting with alternative tunings.  Self-taught, he achieved his guitar style through the use of alternative tunings to create cluster chords, which are difficult to achieve on a guitar using standard tuning. In many songs he accents the dissonant effect of such non-standard tunings through his vocal melodies. He sang in the baritone range, often quietly and with little projection. Drake, who studied English literature at Cambridge, was drawn to the works of William Blake, William Butler Yeats, and Henry Vaughan, influences reflected in his lyrics. Pink Moon is his third and final studio, released two years before Drake’s death in November 1974, at the age of twenty-six, the lyrical content of Pink Moon has often been attributed to Drake’s ongoing battle with depression. Pink Moon, like Drake’s previous studio albums, did not sell well during his lifetime, but has since garnered significant critical acclaim. Critic and author Ian MacDonald, a contemporary of Drake’s at Cambridge University, stated in Uncut that “what remains clear is that this is one of the premium singer-songwriter albums, nearly every one of its 11 tracks a timeless classic”.

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