Nalyssa Green – Bloom / Ναλύσσα Γκρην – Μπλουμ


Μπλουμ (Bloom) is the third album in Nalyssa Green’s short but impressive discography. It comes six years after her sophomore “The Seed” and is her first record in her mother tongue. The ten songs were written in 2015, while most of the album was recorded in 2016 in Lagia, which is her hometown in East Mani. The recordings of the vocals plus additional recordings followed in Athens and the album was completed in the beginning of 2018. Through her intense need to express herself with Greek lyrics, the singer-songwriter not only wins the bet, but manages to strengthen her musical identity. The songs of Μπλουμ have a double meaning value just like the felicitous album title. Blooming eerie vocals and dream melodies meet diving-baptisms in the dark bottom of the soul. Personal but at the same time everyday stories that strongly bear the feminine energy of their creator.

180gram vinyl
Label: Inner Ear Records
Cat. #INN158LP