Molly Nilsson – Imaginations


Molly Nilsson is a Swedish singer-songwriter and musician. She began her creative pursuits in comics and writing before transitionining from visual media into songwriting. Nilsson moved to Berlin to pursue music, she worked in the cloakroom of famous Berlin nightclub Berghain, while saving money to write songs on weekends. Nilsson produces and performs her music on her own, though she co-releases much of her music on Dark Skies Association and Glasgow’s Night School Records. Her style features minimalist arrangements of synthesizers and drum beats and is often categorized as dark pop or lo-fi synth-pop. Imaginations is her 8th album, released in 2017. This release sees Nilsson directly engaging with her surroundings, engendering change and allowing love in. Imaginations dreams big, recasting storming, stadium-sized pop into the internal language of the solo auteur. Imaginations is not escapism, it’s a kaleidoscope and an alternative view, an agent of change.

Label: Dark Skies Association, Night School
cat. # DSA025, LSSN054

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