Micky Y Los Tonys – S/T


Micky y los Tonys were a Spanish rock group founded in Madrid in 1960. After several changes in their components, from 1962-63 what is usually known as their classical formation was configured: Miguel Ángel Carreño Micky (voice), Tony de Corral (solo guitar), Fernando Argenta (rhythm guitar), Juan María Fuster (bass) and Enrique Modolell (drums). In the early years, its basic influence was original rock and roll, arrived from the United States by artists such as Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent or Eddie Cochran. Beginning in 1962, they began to integrate new currents and styles into their sound, such as instrumental rock and surf music. This release is a reissue of the greatest 60’s recordings by the band, which shows their while stylistic range: rock ‘n’ roll, beat, surf, pop, garage. An essential chapter in the birth of Spanish pop and rock music.

Original Artwork, Liner Notes Inside
180 gram Vinyl
Limited Edition
Label: Vinilisssimo
Cat. # MR-SSS 13

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