MIA – Lost Boys

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M.I.A. is an American 1980s punk rock band from Orange County, California, United States. The band’s sound is generally hardcore and thrasher, though they produced more melodic and progressive sounds in their later albums. For many, one of the most underrated bands of their era, they should be in the same level as Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Descendents. AllMusic called the band “one of the 50 best So-Cal punk bands of the great early-’80s second wave explosion.” Lost Boys is a compilation of M.I.A.’s earlier works. Included in their entirety on this compilation are the first official recording from 1982 (Their half of the “Last Rites” split-LP) and the 1984 hardcore classic “Murder In A Foreign Place” LP, plus rare compilation tracks, unreleased demos, and live tracks.

2 x LP
Music, Photos, Band History and Liner Notes From Jello Biafra
Limited Edition First 1,000 Pressed on Orange Vinyl
Label: Alternative Tentacles
Cat. # Virus 258LP

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