Merzbow – Pulse Demon


Merzbow (メルツバウ, Merutsubau) is a Japanese noise project started in 1979 by Masami Akita (秋田 昌美, Akita Masami), best known for a style of harsh, confrontational noise. Since 1980, Akita has released over 400 recordings and has collaborated with various artists. Akita has cited a wide range of musical influences from progressive rock, heavy metal, free jazz, and early electronic music to non-musical influences like dadaism, surrealism, and fetish culture. Pulse Demon is a more psychedelically-flavored follow up to some of Merzbow’s more brain-pummeling releases. Extremely sight-confounding artwork compliments the lucid squalls of Merzbow’s electronic assaults. Mastered at apocalyptic audio levels, this is one of the loudest Merzbow recordings ever released. In its review, Pitchfork called it an “incomparable classic”, stating that “music cannot get much more extreme than this. This is the edge of music, of sound in general”.

2 x LP, Limited Edition 1000 copies SPLATTER VINYL
Label: Relapse Records
Cat. # LP6937R

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