Max Romeo – Revelation Time


Revelation Time is an album by Max Romeo, released in 1975. It was re-released by United Artists Records in 1978 as Open the Iron Gate. The album explored religious and social problems-oriented themes, and is regarded as Romeo’s best album, along with War Ina Babylon. Initially, it was available only in Jamaica, where it was re-released in 1977 as Warning Warning! with re-arranged track listing. The album saw its international release in 1978 as Open the Iron Gate, again with altered running order. In 1999 an anthology Open the Iron Gate: 1973-77 was released, consisting of the Revelation Time material and bonus tracks. On July 3, 2020, remastered Revelation Time with 19 tracks was released from 17 North Parade label.

Label: 17 North Parade, VP Records
Cat. # VPRL4222

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