Matti Bye – This Forgotten Land


Matti Bye’s musical universe is a world of layered, imperceptibly shifting atmospheres. To walk into this world is to discover sound within sounds, rooms within rooms. Bye’s musical output is approachable, sensual and melancholic, and captures perfectly the fragility of the Nordic light in his native country.

This Forgotten Land offers a deeply atmospheric, affecting experience, seeped in nostalgia and yet thrillingly contemporary. Peculiarly otherworldly, serenely haunting, and utterly unforgettable, it lingers long after its conclusion, its atmosphere a magical mist that can never quite be apprehended. Out of time, but just in time, it confirms Matti Bye as a vital composer of visionary, cinematic scope. It will endure, in fact, because it sounds like it’s always been among us.

Cat.# ROTORLP015