Manu Chao – La Radiolina


Manu Chao is a French-Spanish singer. He sings in French, Spanish, English, Italian, Arabic, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, Greek and occasionally in other languages. Chao began his musical career in Paris, busking and playing with groups such as Hot Pants and Los Carayos, which combined a variety of languages and musical styles. With friends and his brother Antoine Chao, he founded the band Mano Negra in 1987, achieving considerable success, particularly in Europe. He became a solo artist after its breakup in 1995, and since then tours regularly with his live band, Radio Bemba. La Radiolina is his fourth studio album, released on 4 September 2007. The album is mainly sung in Spanish. “Politik Kills”, “Rainin In Paradize”, “The Bleedin Clown” and the first two lines of “Siberia” are in English; “Besoin de la Lune” and “Panik Panik” are in French; “A Cosa” is in Italian, a first for Manu Chao; “Amalucada Vida” is in Brazilian Portuguese. Musically, the album features a trademark of Manu Chao’s style in its re-utilizing of the same instrumental backing tracks with different melodies and lyrics.

2LP + CD edition
Label: Radi0 Bemba
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