LOGOUT – Εδώ/Εκεί


ΕΔΩ/ΕΚΕΙ is the new album by Amsterdam-based Athenian songwriter and producer LOGOUT, released on October 2020. It’s his first album completely written and sung in his native language, Greek. The album title translates to English as Here/There. In his lyrics, he elaborates on emotions caused by ‘here’ places, as well as memories and longing for various ‘there’ places. This abstract search for his own place in space and time has been a constant factor in LOGOUT’s work. He has always tried to blend his cultural heritage (bring in the Greek folk melodies!) with contemporary indie production styles, performance and video art technology and lyrical snippets of everyday life. On his fourth album ΕΔΩ/ΕΚΕΙ, he adds another layer of nostalgia by having a more acoustic approach and, of course, singing in Greek.

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Label: B-Other Side Records

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