King Dude – Music To Make War To


King Dude (real name TJ Cowgill for short ) is an American musician and songwriter from Seattle whose music is described as dark folk and neo-folk. In a time when American folk music has lost touch with its bloody roots, King Dude seeks to illuminate the darkness with sex, death, love, insanity, and Lucifer’s light. Since 2006, his devotional rock ‘n’ roll has been both the medium and the message; his throaty baritone and devilishly visceral songwriting the tools he wields to ignite the fiery spirit of revelation in all who encounter him. Music To Make War To is his seventh album, released in August 2018. Post-goth soundscapes mix with occultism and folk sounds, bringing to mind artists such as Nick Cave, Stuart Staples (Tindersticks), Michael Gira (Swans), Leonard Cohen and more.

Limited Edition 180 gram Red Vinyl
Label: Ván
Cat. # Ván250

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