Hangedup – Kicker In Tow


Kicker In Tow is Hangedup‘s second album, released in the fall of 2002 on Montreal’s Constellation Records label.

Hangedup explodes on this follow-up to their debut (Hangedup) and proved themselves one of the most powerful, hypnotic and relentless duos mining the subterrain of instrumental avant rock. Genevieve Heistek’s amplified viola screams through a propulsive blend of drones and doublestops, while Eric Craven’s drumming spurts and hisses like an ornate, early-industrial steam engine. Both players also bring some great free/improvisational explorations to the table, always with a raw, restless punk rock heart. These are work songs, fight songs, songs brimming with life and shot through with melodic influences drawn from various folk traditions.

Cat.# CST022-1