Gaël Segalen – Sofia Says


Gaël Segalen has been a genuine explorer of sound for more than 20 years. Besides her record label accreditations and her diploma in electroacoustic composition in the lineage of the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales), she has worked for Radio France Internationale, as a sound mixer for film, before jumping onto many sound art psychogeographical projects under the name of IhearU and multimedia collaborations such as with artists Constanze Ruhm, Marlies PöschI, Shu Lea Cheang, also participating in various compilations, audiowalks, radio productions, online platforms, installations, while travelling the world to collect voices and inspiration for her musical compositions, and giving classes on sound to explore it’s therapeutic dimension, using it as a social tool to interact with diverse audiences.

Three years after the danceable field recordings of her “L’Ange Le Sage” debut LP, the Parisian sound artist, activist and musician Gaël Segalen delivers her third album, “Sofia Says”, picking up where her “Memoir of My Manor” cassette left off.

Gaël connects here to a complex mythological entity, Sofia, in a spontaneous mediumnic way – and through her own filtered integration she presents a dynamic sample of her compositional psyche, creating a compelling mixture of abstract noise experimentations, field recordings and ecstatic electronic manipulation.

Red vinyl.

Cat.#EM021, CS31