Faith No More – Angel Dust


Faith No More is a rock band from California, formed in 1979. Bassist Billy Gould, keyboardist/rhythm guitarist Roddy Bottum and drummer Mike Bordin are the longest-remaining members of the band, having been involved since its inception, with Mike Patton and Jon Hudson also on the current line-up. Faith No More’s music is generally considered as alternative metal and experimental rock, but upon Mike Patton’s arrival in 1989  they expanded their sound range even further, merging disparate genres such as synth-pop, thrash metal and funk metal. Angel Dust is their fourth album, released on June 8, 1992. It is the band’s final album to feature guitarist Jim Martin and the first where vocalist Mike Patton had any substantial influence on the band’s music, having been hired after the other band members had written and recorded everything for The Real Thing except vocals and some lyrics. The band stated that they wanted to move away from the funk metal style of their prior releases, towards a more “theatrical” sound. Angel Dust is Faith No More’s best-selling album to date, having sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide and upon it’s release was met with extensive critical acclaim. It was called an “Album of the Year” in 1992 by seven different publications in four countries, making the top 10 in three of them and the top position in one, and was also named the “Most Influential Album of all Time” by Kerrang!

2 x LP on 180 gram Vinyl
Bonus LP Features Rare Tracks & Live Versions
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Label: Slash
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