Emma Ruth Rundle – On Dark Horses


Emma Ruth Rundle is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and visual artist based in Louisville, Kentucky. Formerly of the Nocturnes, she has released three solo albums and is a current member of Red Sparowes and Marriages. Her sound is an eclectic mix of folk, experimental rock, and metal, prioritizing ambience and texture over traditional rock tropes. She has cited Kate Bush and David Lynch as influences. On Dark Horses is Emma Ruth Rundle’s fourth solo album. Unlike her last album Marked For Death which she wrote in seclusion at a house in Kentucky, on this album, Emma teamed up with Evan Patterson and Todd Cook from Jaye Jayle, as well as Dylan Nadon from Woven Hands. The collaborated effort gave the new album more instrumental backing, giving it the sound of a guitar rock record, while still retaining the eerie darkness from Emma’s previous works. Evan Patterson’s baritone vocals can be heard on the southern-goth “Light Song,” creating a beautiful dynamic with Emma’s soaring singing voice.

Label: Sargent House
Cat. # SH197

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