dEUS – Pocket Revolution


Pocket Revolution is the fourth studio album by dEUS, released in 2005. The cover art is based on The Von Neumann-Machine, a story from Don Lawrence’s Storm series of graphic novels. Pocket Revolution was the first dEUS studio album to be released in six years, since The Ideal Crash in 1999. The band featuring Craig Ward and Danny Mommens disintegrated during its recording. Craig Ward who was supposed to produce the record left the band in August 2004, soon followed by Danny Mommens. They were replaced by ex-Evil Superstars Mauro Pawlowski and bass player Alan Gevaert who completed the recording of the album. So it actually makes two different bands playing on Pocket Revolution. The release of the album was followed by a one-year tour that led the band throughout Europe and to the United States, Canada, Israel and Thailand. It was the longest tour dEUSever did.

Pocket Revolution became the best selling dEUS record in Belgium, selling more than 50,000 copies – making it Platinum. The album sold about 200,000 copies worldwide.

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