Danai Nielsen – Who Are They


The emerging artist, singer, songwriter and performer Danai Nielsen will release her debut album titled “Who Are They” through United We Fly .
We came across Danai’s work with the releases of her previous singles “Μermaid”, “Lion Zion” & “Recycled Feelings”, which she gradually revealed during the past year, alongside their moving videoclips.
It was even before that, in her special live shows, were she unfolded her dreamy, pop aesthetics and captivated us with her original musical dialogues between her female and male alter ego.The sound and musical instruments she uses alongside with her stage presence , are always original, forming her unique identity. Her live concerts feature elements of performance art, highlighted by Danai’s disguises, an essential component of her shows. At the same time, her magnificent dream pop music creates a spectacular show with futuristic, ritualistic and nostalgic character.

An extraordinary and sensitive artist, fascinated by living in a city where different languages ​​and cultures mix, Danai is inspired by this beauty and complexity, reshaping them into compositions. This is Danai Nielsen and her upcoming first album invites us to get to know her better.

Cat.# UWFVN008