Burgundy Grapes – Quadrella


Athens-based instrumental act Burgundy Grapes returns with its fourth album, Quadrella, a collection of atmospheric soundscapes propelled by more rhythmic drive than usual. The act’s core members George Kolyvas and Alexandros Miaoulis create and arrange material through introspection, approaching their songwriting endeavours with intuition and honesty that keeps the music they have listened to and adored over the years at bay, deep in the subconscious. The resulting material, gracefully fuses genres ranging from psychedelic folk-rock to cinematic and classical minimalism. Its mood swings from laid-back to dramatic. “Quadrella” is an entirely home-recorded album. Once again, the act’s core duo played guitars and a variety of other instruments, joined by a regular cast of esteemed musicians. (Dionysis Makris – double bass/electric bass; Giorgos Tsiatsoulis – organ; Thodoris Rellos – baritone sax; Kostas Kakouris – piano; George Katsanos – theremin, stylophone; Nikos Veliotis – cello).

Label: Inner Ear Records
Cat. #INN232L