Basment Sessions Seattle – Basment Sessions 3 & 4


Conceived in the summer of 2011 in West Seattle, the Basment Sessions are devoted to “making music and drinking fine tequila,” says event co-founder Johnny G., a drummer and producer whose home studio and backyard host the event. “The musicians that show up are all great friends,” Johnny continues, “from old-school badasses like Tad Doyle, Jack Endino, Kim Warnick, and others I won’t mention [for contractual reasons, artists signed to labels appear uncredited on The Basment Sessions] to Mike from Brokaw, singer Ramona Allison of Dionvox, the boys from Mother’s Anger—and the list goes on and on.” In sessions 3 & 4 we can credit Matt Pike from Sleep, Bubba Dupree from Void, Jason Freeman & Chris Johnsen from Zeke among others. The LP features 13 heavy rock songs.

Label: Capacitor Records
Cat. # CR003

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