And Also The Trees – Virus Meadow


‘Virus Meadow’ is considered by many to be the classic ‘And Also The Trees’ album. It was recorded in 1986 in Worcestershire, England, not far from the Hamlet where the band were based in an old farmhouse. ‘Virus Meadow’, the title track of the album, is a song inspired by the fields overlooking where a medieval village once stood before being abandoned and left to fall into the ground after being decimated by the bubonic plague.

It was the first time the band took influence from their rural surroundings and where one first hears the distinctive mandolin-like guitar sound, which were the two characteristics that set the band apart from their contemporaries as they created a sound and style of their own.

Restored and remastered for the first time since its release, the original album comes with a second disc featuring the bands first two EP’s and an extra, previously-unreleased, studio re-recording of their single ‘Shantell’.

2xLP, gatefold

Cat.# AATTLP11