Anathema – Judgement


Anathema started out in the early ’90s as strictly a doom metal outfit, with the requisite growled vocals and the trademark muddy sound, but when original singer Darren White left the band in 1995, with guitarist Vincent Cavanagh taking the reins, Anathema started their slow journey into completely uncharted (and unexpected) territory. In fact, Anathema’s metamorphosis over the past decade is one of the most remarkable band transformations in recent memory, as album after album has sounded more and more progressive and melodic, in no small part fueled by Cavanagh’s superb singing voice. Judgement is their fifth album, released on 25 June 1999 through Music for Nations. It is the first album with Dave Pybus joining the band to replace bassist and co-principle songwriter Duncan Patterson. Danny Cavanagh now taking on a larger share of the songwriting duties to compensate for Patterson’s departure. It is also the band’s first album featuring original drummer John Douglas since his return in 1998.

180 Gram Vinyl Remastered
Includes CD version
Label: Music For Nations
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