Akito – Undercurrent


Akito is no stranger to London’s club scene. Over the last years he has released four EP’s and an album, established his label Sans Absence, while maintaining his monthly show on NTS Radio. In his new EP for Greek clubnights-turnt-label Not Now Records he finds a balance between his hard-hitting percussive sound and softer melodies that caption the repressed feelings of aggression, self-doubt and melancholy that the last period of isolation and uncertainty have elicited.

Opener’s “Coal Mine Canary” bouncy 97 BPM beat is complimented by distorted strings and heavy stomps, while “Double Gin & Mood Swings” follows, smoothly combining ghostly xylophone harmonics with a half-time, dancefloor-ready beat and layers of percussion. ‘Sliding Shadows” embodies the contrasting feeling of the record, the inner battle between serenity and undercurrent anger, where comforting steel drum chords and warm pads alternate with a menacing square bass over a hard drum riddim.
In “Turbo Sprog” UK producer and frequent collaborator Noire steps in, bringing his rhythmic drum patterns against a haunted keys loop and a heavy, chorused bass, elevating the track into one of the most DJ-friendly moments of the EP. “Residual Feels” follows the same path with detuned keys, gliding sub and an icy square synth riding a percussive, tribal beat, recalling Akito’s earlier work and his love for both club music and Grime. In remix duties we find bass heavyweight Last Japan taking the opening track into a whole new dimension, progressing a single loop from the original into an anthemic UK Drill instrumental.