Acid Horse – No Name, No Slogan (Single)


Acid Horse was a one-off collaborative side project between two industrial music pioneers, Ministry and Cabaret Voltaire. The project released only one singe, the “No Name, No Slogan”, in 1989. The band name is a combination of the slang terms for LSD (acid) and heroin (horse), as well as a play on the title of the then-popular acid house movement. As with many other Ministry side projects, such as PTP and the Revolting Cocks, the band member’s identities are masked by pseudonyms. The members were Al Jourgensen, Chris Connelly, Stephen Mallinder, Paul Barker and Richard H. Kirk. Musically, Acid Horse resembles fellow Ministry side project PTP, in that it blends an upbeat dance-like electronic rhythm with catchy guitar-work. The lyrics come off in a serious, yet slightly comical tone – a trademark of many Ministry side projects.

Rare Purple Vinyl Edition
Label: Mecanica
Cat. # MEC043