1000MODS – Youth Of Dissent


1000mods is a stoner rock band from Chiliomodi, Greece, formed in 2006. The name of the group is a pun linked to the village in which they were formed, as “a thousand” is pronounced “chillia” in Greek. Their main music influences include bands such as Black Sabbath, Colour Haze, Kyuss and MC5. Deriving equally from the 70’s (not only songwriting-wise but also due to their love for vintage equipment and analogue sound) and the glorious 90’s, they never hesitated to blend all their influences (from retro-rock and doom rock, to fuzzy heavy rock and space rock, even the grunge and alternative scene) creating a unique recipe of explosive heavy music that’s impossible to imitate. 1000mods offer inspired, powerful and uniquely fresh heavy tunes, satisfying everyone from stoners to metalheads, for over a decade now. Youth Of Dissent is their 4th studio album, released 4 years after their previous work, in April 2020. Produced by the band and Matt Bayles, who has worked with Mastodon, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and more, it features 11 new songs.

2 x LP
Label: Ouga Booga And The Mighty Oug Recordings
Cat. # OUG005

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