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Syd Records

An independent vinyl store in the centre of Athens

about Syd

Syd Records opened in May 2016 by a team of artists, musicians and audiophiles. Focused on the booming Greek alternative scene, the store offers new and second hand vinyl from Greek and International artists, t-shirts, record players, accessories, merch, concert tickets and more.

Protogenous 13, Psirri, 10554, Athens
+30 210 3218374 - stuff [at] sydrecords [dot] com
Opening Hours: 12PM - 8PM Every Day

Syd Sessions

Syd Sessions are casual meet and greet events that take place instore. Artists have the opportunity to chat with their audience and people to hear intimate acoustic gigs by both the ever-growing Athenian alternative scene and international artists that tour and stop by here. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Facebook page for videos.

For any requests, bookings etc. contact us at stuff [at] sydrecords [dot] com

Syd Sessions

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Syd Sessions